Marc Schroeder

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I began my graduate studies at the University of Calgary in September of 1994. I completed my undergraduate degree here as well, with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Pure Mathematics.

My interests are now centered around functional programming languages, category theory, formal methods, the theory of computation and its mathematical foundations. While an undergraduate I began working with Dr. Robin Cockett on the charity programming language, and am now beginning work on adding a module system to the language. This will be the subject of my master's thesis. My previous work includes the design and implementation of the charity Interpreter (CHIRP) alongside Barry Yee. A rewrite with enhanced features, such as pattern matching, is now in the works.

Other experience in industry include a summer position held at the National Research Council doing work in AI, and graphics work on a video game for a fledgling games company here in Calgary. Some of my interests outside the field are rock climbing, caving, biking, reading, philosophy, playing bass and guitar, and volunteering as a jazz D.J. for our campus radio station.

Other Charitable People

Dr. Robin Cockett, Tom Fukushima, Dave Spooner, Barry Yee, Peter Vesely, Ulrich Hensel, and Charles Tuckey.

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